Your Committee

Committee Members 2016/17:

Ken Kinsella – President

Joe Ivers – Secretary

Lisa Maguire – Treasurer

Luke Tyrell – Director of Rugby

Brian Tyrell – Facilities Manager

Gerry Fanning – YDO (Youth Development Officer)

Martina Fitzpatrick – (WDO) (Women’s Development Officer)

Ciara Beirne – PRO (Public Relations Officer)

Paul Cunningham – Club Captain 2015/16

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  1. Note for Joe Ivers.

    Hi Joe,

    We have a new player call Michael Mackin started to play for us this season. He is registered on the registration system as a player for Tallagh. Would it be possible for you release him please so we can register him? I think its probably an easier process than sending the transfer form and having to return it.

    If you can confirm if this is possible it would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    +353 87 1942554

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