Tallaght Youths to show talent at half time at Leinster V Ulster in Tallaght Stadium

Fantastic news we have been asked to supply an U11 or U12 team for a half time match in the Tallaght stadium on the 30th Aug for the Leinster v Ulster match.

If your child is aged between 10 and 12 please let me know on your availability to play this match.

This is a great opportunity for Tallaght RFC to be showcased with Leinster Rugby. This will be a full contact game against another team yet to be decided. Also this is a great experience for our youth team with the prospect of Tallaght again playing a half time match during the season in the RDS.

We should all get behind the team and show the best we have to offer.

We will be holding a quick training session on the 24th on August to brush off the cob webs and get us back in the mind frame for this exhibition match. Please make a huge effort to make these dates.

Tickets are not available through the club and only available from ticketmaster at €20 per adult, €10 per child and family tickets €12.50pp (2 adults & 2 Children)


  • Morning: Tallaght First XV v Tallaght Legends in Tymon North Park
  • Tallaght RFC promoting the club outside the Tallaght stadium before the Leinster v Ulster game
  • 5pm kick off Leinster game
  • Tallaght RFC U11-U12 playing half time match
  • 7:30pm reception and get together in the Killtipper Pub for all and families with raffles on the night.


TRFC Rugby on Your Green Tymon Bawn CC


Tallaght Rugby are running Rugby on Your Green Sunday 27th 11am outside the Tymon Bawn Community Center. 

Tallaght RFC would like to invite all the children in the Old Bawn, Aylesbury and surrounding areas to join them on Sunday mornings at 11am from the 27th July to 10th August on the green area outside the Tymon Bawn Community Center to play and experience what rugby has to offer.

Tallaght RFC  are running a 3 week block in the Aylesbury area to allow children experience a new sport in a fun and supervised way.

Remember the 80’s when you left your house early on a Sunday morning and just played on your local green area, well that’s what we want to see again. Bring back the nostalgia with games like Red rover, bulldogs charge and tag and let the kids experience this again. All these games are incorporated into the training and fun of rugby.

Tallaght RFC would love to see all the local and not too local children come down and play for an hour with great games.

If your 6-16 or even younger or older you are welcome to join in even parents.


Rugby on Your Green Ellensborough. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

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A big thank you to all the children and parents that turned out on Sunday mornings at 11am to get involved in the Rugby On Your Green program.

It was a highly enjoyable 3 weeks with all children taking part in ball games, relays and obstacles courses. Tallaght RFC have been made feel very welcome in Ellensbough and we really hope all the kids have enjoyed it.

Remember we will be asking all the kids that would like to join Tallaght RFC to join in September and keep an eye on our website, facebook pages and twitter account on dates.

Also everyone is welcome to sty involved and join in our other dates below. again it is completely free of charge all it takes is your time to attend.

Rugby on Your Green is a pilot program being run over the summer holidays. A Tallaght rugby youth team will enter a green area in a local housing estate on a Sunday morning for 11am and organised fun and games for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. This will start on the 6th of July at 11am in Ellensborough green area then into Aylesbury and finally into Killinarden for 3 weeks each session. Each Sunday will only last 1 hour and will be a no contact program.


Green area opposite Ellensborough Lodge

Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th of July


Green area at Tymon Bawn Community Centre

Sunday 27th July, 3rd & 10th of August


Green area opposite Killinarden community centre. 

17th, 24th & 31st of August

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Thank you to all the organisers, coaches, parents and supporters for a fantastic day.

With warm sunshine and great people the family Summer BBQ was a super day for all involved. the Tallaght RFC  youths and mini players and their families participated in a full day of games, and activities topped off with beautiful food which everyone helped to supply.

Check out some pictures below

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“Rugby On Your Green” Launch for local areas

Tallaght Rugby Club would like to announce the introduction of their first ever mobile summer program


Tallaght Rugby are bringing the fastest field sports in Ireland to the Tallaght community and give all children the chance to experience a fantastic sport with massive potential for development in sporting and social aspects of life.

Rugby on Your Green is a pilot program being run over the summer holidays. A Tallaght rugby youth team will enter a green area in a local housing estate on a Sunday morning for 11am and organised fun and games for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. This will start on the 6th of July at 11am in Ellensborough green area then into Aylesbury and finally into Killinarden for 3 weeks each session. Each Sunday will only last 1 hour and will be a no contact program.


Green area opposite Ellensborough Lodge

Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th of July


Green area at Tymon Bawn Community Centre

Sunday 27th July, 3rd & 10th of August


Green area opposite Killinarden community centre. 

17th, 24th & 31st of August

This will be open to all children boys and girls and we hope it to be a fun and joyful experience. The Tallaght community are one of the greatest communities in Ireland and Tallaght Rugby want to help promote the things that make Tallaght great.

Tallaght Rugby will be asking that if anyone who would like to participate in this program please just turn up. Children will be given the opportunity to learn the very basics of passing, running and avoidance by set games and fun activities. Of course with new techniques and game it remains the same the old one are the best so games like red rover, bulldogs charge and catch will bring the nostalgia feeling back for parents.

“There is nothing better than the sound of children playing games and having fun and when I was young the green area was full of that from morning to night. You wouldn’t be able find a patch of grass on the field we played on as kids in the 80s and 90s. This idea is great because it allows the local children to step out of their house onto the local green area and play safe and managed games without leaving their local community. We hope that from this children will then gain an interest in playing rugby for Tallaght in the coming 2014 -15 season. We only train on a Sunday morning or play a match so if someone is playing football or GAA and have Sundays free why not try and play another sport. The more interests kids have the better it is for them” Philip Preston Youth Development Officer Tallaght RFC.

Most people in Tallaght might still not know Tallaght have a rugby team. In fact we have men’s women’s, mini and youth’s teams and we are always looking to get people involved and new players up to the club. We can be contacted on www.tallaghtrugby.com or by phone Tallaght RFC 0873369496 or Philip Preston 0852010456.



FAMILY BBQ – Sunday 22nd June – 11am – Ballymana Lane

Family BBQ to celebrate the year we had in Tallaght RFC  

We are inviting all players, supporters, family members and anyone else interested in having a good family fun day.

Sunday 22nd June at 11am until 3pm at Tallaght RFC in Ballymana Lane.

There will be fun and games for all ages and for anyone who wants to get involved.

This will be a BYO BBQ (bring your own BBQ) so we ask for each family to bring a few bits and pieces. suggestions of sausages, burgers, burger buns, nibbles & family friendly drinks.

This day will also bring the season to a close for our ever expanding youths section. So congratulations to the future players and lets have a great day.


Tag Rugby Update from Marc – Week 3


Hi all,

Here’s the table after Week 2*.
* We will sort out the Any Given Randomer vs Kerry Bullfighters match over the next few weeks.
Fixtures for Week 3
05/06/2014 19:00 Rossmore   v   Kerry BullFighters
05/06/2014 19:00 Tagnam style   v   Any Given Randomer
05/06/2014 19:45 Heatons Hurricanes   v   Tag R Ducks
05/06/2014 19:45 TAG MY PITCH UP   v   Heroes
Please see the IRFU Tag Rugby page here for more:
Most of you have now paid in full. Can the teams who have’t, please do so by transfer this week, or have the cash for me on Thursday.


The price for shorts is €20 per pair. You will not be allowed play unless you have a pair of shorts. You should be able to get them from Elverys/Lifestyle/Champion, and probably for cheaper than €20. Shorts must be paid for in cash.
If any team is unable to field a team/turn up on the night, can you let me know as early as possible so that I can try and arrange a friendly. Last week we had a team not turn up and it was a waste of time for the opposition. Thanks.
Can each team please turn up 10 minutes before your match is due to start so that we can get underway on time.

Firhouse CC V Mac Dara’s CC


Tallaght RFC got a rare chance to help host and organise an all girls match between Firhouse CC and Mac Dara’s CC with the hope to recruit girls for our new girls team.

It was a very tough and competitive match were both teams didn’t hold back with tackles that would normally be seen on the international pitch. Both teams showed great skill that they learnt from Leinster’s Sophie Spencer and their teachers.

3 Tallaght girls Kayleigh, Rachel and Lauren played the match too and really enjoyed the match.  Both teams welcomed the Tallaght girls with open arms and as rugby has done over the years new friendships were started.

Tallaght RFC really hope all the girls that played the match will come and join Tallaght RFC for the new season and the start of our new girls team.

After the game all were treated to hot dogs, drinks and treats compliments of Tallaght RFC.

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St Marys NS Sports day

Thank you to St Mary’s  National School, Saggart for the opportunity to help host their Sports day on the 15th of May.

80 children from 4th 5th and 6th class were taken through their paces and shown tag rugby by Gary Hurley from Tallaght RFC and Tom McKeon from Leinster.

Held in the St Mary’s GAA club the children experienced a get afternoon of rugby which they all enjoyed along with the

A big thank you to teacher Sadhbh Kane who commented ” the sports day involved teaching large groups of children how to play rugby, with ages ranging from 9 years to 12 years. Most of these children had never played any form of rugby before. There was a great set-up with children being broken into groups and all getting a chance to participate. All enjoyed the experience and have since expressed an interest in playing the sport. Thanks to all involved in making this possible”

Tallaght RFC are always looking for new players and its never too late to come and give it a try.

All youths train at 11am in Ballymana Lane every Sunday. Hope to see you all there.



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