Tallaght Rugby Volunteers Needed


In our drive to grow the club there will be a need to get people involved to promote the club and all its teams. The best way for this club to become more successful is to grow the club and Tallaght has no end of people that we should be able to get playing.

However still Tallafornians don’t know about our club or how to join. We need everyone to help to promote the club and all ideas are welcome.

August 21st & 22nd The Square 

Tallaght Rugby can have a promotional stand in the Center Mall (middle of 2nd Floor) on the 21st & 22nd of August. Please contact Catherine Murphy cmurphy@ahl.ie

Tallaght Rugby on Your Green July and August 

During the months of July and August Tallaght Youth will need help from adults to help run the rugby on your green. You would need to commit 1.5hours once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. Please contact Philip Preston tallaghtrfcydo@gmail.com

If you have any ideas Please contact Luke Tyrrell tallaghtrfcdor@gmail.com


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