Sunday the 23rd of Feb took Tallaght RFC U12 team into a new era with their first match against Clondalkin RFC. the Tallaght RFC players arrived Gordon Park ready and eager to take tot he field. With Tallaght RFC hosting 4 players who never played before and 5 girls in the team, they looked a very different team to the opposition team who were a very good team.
The match kick off with nerves on the Tallaght side and these nerves lead to coinciding a quick try by. After that the Tallaght team didn’t allow any easy scores and fought tooth and nail for every inch of the pitch. From the start Tallaght set their stall out with huge tackles being made by the forwards and backs, when you hear all the supporters in unison take a deep breath with the universal oohhhh after tackles you know that they are good.
However for all the good work completed by Tallaght their inexperience showed and the wide passing from Clondalkin scored 4 tries in the first 10 minute section. This didn’t dampen the drive of Tallaght only spurred them on, the team hit harder and offloaded to open players while constantly moving forward. The breakdown was key and as the game went on Tallaght contested and gained control. Clondalkin scored again and Tallaght reduced them to only a break away try.
The highlight of the match came when a player only 1 week into playing rugby for Tallaght scored a try with a half way run into the corner. The third 10 minute section saw Tallaght display some of the best rugby of the day the forwards showed fantastic power and defense and the backs running with confidence and speed.
On the day it took an excellent Clondalkin team to take the win from the match, but the Tallaght team will be ready for the long awaited first home game for the youths and rematch with Clondalkin in Tymon park on Sunday the 2nd of March.We hope all supporter and family can attend this match and witness the up and coming stars of Tallaght RFC.
If three is any youths who would like to join Tallaght RFC please contact us here
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