At 7am Sunday morning the wind and rain howled and battered Dublin. This was a tough day to rise the head off the pillow after the disappointing result of the England V Ireland game in the 6 nations. The weather matched the mood in Dublin.
However after every storm there is a ray of sunshine and that came at 9am in the shadow of the Aviva stadium were Tallaght RFC mini teams took part in a 18 team blitz hosted by Lansdowne RFC.
Two Tallaght teams of 5 players took to the field to battle with some of the biggest clubs in Dublin. Nothing would scare these players, young and enthusiastic for the new sport they have taken up their abilities shone through as they took on Lansdowne, Wanders and Clondalkin. Each team took part in 4 matches and their tackling passing and effort shone through. The Tallaght players passed the ball excellently and took on players who were well drilled and experienced. However this did little to stop the Tallaght players run hard and fast with the ball to break the gain line again and again.
As the morning passed the Tallaght teams grew in confidence and ability and the supporters and coaches alike got an excellent display of why rugby is one of the best sports in the world and why all children benefit from this team sport. With tackles and breaking runs from all the children resulting in some fantastic tries, highlighted by Eoin’s effort in the corner.
In the end Tallaght RFC mini’s came out he wrong end of the results but the right end of the effort and passion.
the future look bright for these players and Tallaght RFC
A massive thank you to Paul Nagel and Lansdown RFC for all their hard work and hosting of the blitz. Also the players and their parents who represented Tallaght RFC so well.
Again their is room for all new players of all abilities just contact us here on