We are entering a video into the Lidl Irish Haka competition to try raise the profile of the club and try win some prizes.

To do this we will be filming a Tallaght Haka (TAKA) after youths and mini training this Sunday. To help all out players, supporters and parents, we have put an instructional video on YouTube and the words here so that people can learn and this highly traditional and respected war dance.

please hold all your laughing until the end.

Words to the TAKA

Come with us, Come with us, Connaught, Munster (slap thighs 4 times)

Come with us, Come with us, Leinster, Ulster (slap right arm twice, slap left arm twice)

Get your gear in Lidl not in Aldi OOOOHHHHH (step forward with right foot)

Italy OOOOOH (stamp right foot)

Scotland OOOOH (punch onto hand)

Wales OOOOH (stamp left foot and move side to side)

France OOOOOH (turn around and wiggle your backside)

England OOOOOOOH (cut neck with your hand and stick out tongue)

Ireland YEEEAAAH (jump in the air with hands up)

CHARGE (run towards camera)

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Philip Preston YDO TRFC