Hi All

The Irish rugby team are preparing for the biggest match of the 6 nations campaign and our Tallaght youths have set their stall out to spur on the Boys in Green with our war dance the TAKA (Tallaght HAKA). All the other nations will be quaking in their boots after setting eyes on our youths. All our U8, U10 and U13 took part in this and we are always open to new players who can join by contacting us here or on 0857371926.

Training will not be on this Sunday the 16th of March but will commence on Sunday the 23rd March in Ballymana lane for all ages.

As part of a Lidl online competition we have submitted our video to inspire the Boys in Green as they face the French in Paris this Saturday.

Make sure you check out AND LIKE our TAKA video on YouTube http://youtu.be/lTamRS-Wefg

If the Irish team see this we know this will help and drive them onto victory and the 6 nations championship. C’MON YOU BOYS IN GREEN

Don’t Stop Believing

Tallaght Rugby Club