Tag Rugby Update from Marc:


Thanks to the teams who came along last night to the Tag For Free night. Just a few things for next week so that we can hit the ground running.

  • Payment

Each team has already paid the €80 registration fee online.

The remaining amount to be paid is €320. This can be paid either in cash, to me personally next Thursday, or transferred to the Tallaght RFC Bank of Ireland Account (Please contact me for details). Can you please email/text me (0879033646) if you have made the bank transfer.

It would be easier for me if the total amount for each team was transferred to the Bank A/C. If you are paying cash, can the team captains please organise their teams’ payments and hand me the money in one go, before your team is due to play next week. I will not be accepting €40 here and there from individuals/promises of payment next week.

Last year, the payments weren’t completed by all teams until Week 5, so please ensure that you have the money. If you know you’re going to be a bit short/people are missing, can you let me know in advance.


  • Fixtures

Fixtures are generated by the sotic management system, I have no control over who plays who, when or what time. If your team has a problem with numbers any week, can you let me know as far in advance as possible, and I can try and move the time of your match/arrange a fixture reschedule, if possible.

As happens nearly every year, a few teams don’t have enough people/girls on some week. If you know this will be happening, let me know and I can arrange for you to play the match anyway, but unfortunately it will be non-competitive as you will be forced to forfeit.


  • Times

There will be 2 matches kicking off at 7:00pm and another 2 matches at 7:45pm.

You will be be able to look up your fixtures once they are generated (Monday evening). Please turn up at least 10 minutes before kick off so that we can start/finish on time.


  • Shorts

I’ll be selling Tag Shorts again this year. The price for shorts is €20 per pair. You will not be allowed play unless you have a pair of shorts. You should be able to get them from Elverys/Lifestyle/Champion, and probably for cheaper than €20. If you are going to be buying shorts from me, can you send em an email/text beforehand so I can have them ready. shorts must be paid for in cash.


  • Rules

You can download and read the IRFU Tag Rules by clicking here.


  • Refs

Referees are volunteering their time to allow you to play tag rugby, please keep that in mind when a decision goes against you. Last year we had a referee vow never to ref in Tallaght again because of the abuse received and we will be much stricter on back-chat this year.


We have a Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TallaghtTagRugby which will be used for pics (I hope), updated league tables/next weeks fixtures and quacking from the Ducks.
You will also be able find them on the Tallaght Website here:

If you need to contact me, my email is marc2811@hotmail.com and my number is 0879033646.


I’ll be in contact again next week with the fixture list.