Tallaght Rugby Club would like to announce the introduction of their first ever mobile summer program


Tallaght Rugby are bringing the fastest field sports in Ireland to the Tallaght community and give all children the chance to experience a fantastic sport with massive potential for development in sporting and social aspects of life.

Rugby on Your Green is a pilot program being run over the summer holidays. A Tallaght rugby youth team will enter a green area in a local housing estate on a Sunday morning for 11am and organised fun and games for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. This will start on the 6th of July at 11am in Ellensborough green area then into Aylesbury and finally into Killinarden for 3 weeks each session. Each Sunday will only last 1 hour and will be a no contact program.


Green area opposite Ellensborough Lodge

Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th of July


Green area at Tymon Bawn Community Centre

Sunday 27th July, 3rd & 10th of August


Green area opposite Killinarden community centre.

17th, 24th & 31st of August

This will be open to all children boys and girls and we hope it to be a fun and joyful experience. The Tallaght community are one of the greatest communities in Ireland and Tallaght Rugby want to help promote the things that make Tallaght great.

Tallaght Rugby will be asking that if anyone who would like to participate in this program please just turn up. Children will be given the opportunity to learn the very basics of passing, running and avoidance by set games and fun activities. Of course with new techniques and game it remains the same the old one are the best so games like red rover, bulldogs charge and catch will bring the nostalgia feeling back for parents.

“There is nothing better than the sound of children playing games and having fun and when I was young the green area was full of that from morning to night. You wouldn’t be able find a patch of grass on the field we played on as kids in the 80s and 90s. This idea is great because it allows the local children to step out of their house onto the local green area and play safe and managed games without leaving their local community. We hope that from this children will then gain an interest in playing rugby for Tallaght in the coming 2014 -15 season. We only train on a Sunday morning or play a match so if someone is playing football or GAA and have Sundays free why not try and play another sport. The more interests kids have the better it is for them” Philip Preston Youth Development Officer Tallaght RFC.

Most people in Tallaght might still not know Tallaght have a rugby team. In fact we have men’s women’s, mini and youth’s teams and we are always looking to get people involved and new players up to the club. We can be contacted on www.tallaghtrugby.com or by phone Tallaght RFC 0873369496 or Philip Preston 0852010456.