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A big thank you to all the children and parents that turned out on Sunday mornings at 11am to get involved in the Rugby On Your Green program.

It was a highly enjoyable 3 weeks with all children taking part in ball games, relays and obstacles courses. Tallaght RFC have been made feel very welcome in Ellensbough and we really hope all the kids have enjoyed it.

Remember we will be asking all the kids that would like to join Tallaght RFC to join in September and keep an eye on our website, facebook pages and twitter account on dates.

Also everyone is welcome to sty involved and join in our other dates below. again it is completely free of charge all it takes is your time to attend.

Rugby on Your Green is a pilot program being run over the summer holidays. A Tallaght rugby youth team will enter a green area in a local housing estate on a Sunday morning for 11am and organised fun and games for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. This will start on the 6th of July at 11am in Ellensborough green area then into Aylesbury and finally into Killinarden for 3 weeks each session. Each Sunday will only last 1 hour and will be a no contact program.


Green area opposite Ellensborough Lodge

Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th of July


Green area at Tymon Bawn Community Centre

Sunday 27th July, 3rd & 10th of August


Green area opposite Killinarden community centre.

17th, 24th & 31st of August

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