Tallaght RFC were delighted with the fantastic turn out and participation in our Rugby on Your Green program.

This 9 week program was run on Sunday mornings at 11am in local green areas for local children to experience rugby and rugby games. 3 areas were picked in the local Tallaght area that would not have played rugby or not aware that Tallaght had a rugby team. the main objective of this was to get children interested and participating in a sport they might not have played before and the response was fantastic.

“We discussed this idea last season and we had no idea it would be such a great success. The thought was always there that no children would turn up and we would be standing there in a green area in the middle of a housing estate with a load of coaches and no players. However there was a great response from our first area in Ellensbourgh and the 3 weeks we ran there over 40 children took part. From that we moved to Aylesbury and some of the players came down from our first area and again about 40 children took part. By the time we done the 3 weeks in Killinarden there was about 20 regular children and 60 others turning up on our last Sunday.” said Philip Preston YDO for Tallaght RFC.

The one thing that made this happen was the commitment of the coaches and players of Tallaght RFC that turned up every week to help out and run the games like bulldogs charge tag and obstacle courses for all the children. A massive thank you to all the help that was given by Tallaght members.

Thank you to all the children that turned up and we hope to see you all on the 21st of September at 11am in Ballymana lane for training.

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