A very successful evening in the Ballycullen area for our 3 area of Rugby On Your Green 2015.

Thank you to all the kids and parent who came out on the evening and to all the coaches. of course we are there again this Thursday 13th from 7pm to 8pm and we would love to see more kids get involved.

We are based on the green area behind the community center. have a look at our pictures below.


11850559_860939983959257_9055607868606977284_o 11816155_860940067292582_8262558910950712994_o 11705818_860939790625943_2048758676796668905_o 11705395_860939370625985_5521136211446677078_o ROYG Ballycullen11807560_860939723959283_2575617714449289926_o