Easter Weekend is now here and Tallaght youths WILL NOT BE TRAINING THIS WEEKEND. So we can all celebrate Easter with our families and the 100 year anniversary of the Irish Rebellion, but more importantly EAT LOADS OF CHOCOLATE.


Easter messages from the youths and mini section

To the coaches

To Ollie, Alan, Kar, Ed, Gerry, Stephen, Audrey, Paddy, Martina, and other parents that have helped out throughout the season Thank you so much for all your time and effort that you put in week in and week out, the club functions because of you. Your time that you give up freely to the teams and the club is invaluable. The youth section owe’s it complete success to you and your families for all the effort and passion you put into Tallaght Rugby.

Also the parents that have been so supportive by helping out even with the small things and getting involved thank you so much for your help and we will still need you to help this club grow. So please do make yourself known and get involved as much as possible.

Thank You, Philip.

To the U7

The U7 team has grown every week with new players and parents dropping in. Our team is getting better and better and its amazing to see how good you all have been getting. I truly believe we will have Leinster and Ireland players coming from Tallaght RFC in the future. Paddy, Martina and all the parents that help every week you are the best help I could ever ask for thanks for everything. Happy Easter to everyone and we will see you on the 3rd, Thanks Philip

To the U8

Wanna wish our super under 8’s a Happy Easter. Both coaches Gerry and Stephen along with your parents and in fact the whole club are amazed at your progress this year. At each blitz we have attended you have shown great teamwork, enthusiasm and we have seen amazing try’s and we have all enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd for more Rugby Fun.

Each week at training they put in great effort and teamwork and make us all very proud to work with them . We see great things for the future of our young club going forward and these super under eights are the beacons that will be shining bright not only for TRFCs future but for the future of both men’s and women’s rugby in Ireland. Slan go foll agus ca buil mo gansai gorm!

To the U10

from Kar. Id like to say thanks for all the parents that take their time out of their Sunday to being their kids to training and travelling to matches. Have a good Easter, hope to see you all after the break.

To the U12

Thank you to all the parents who have come out of their way to support not only the u12s team but also the rest of Tallaght R.F.C. The u12s have progressed hugely throughout the year getting better and better every week. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all after the break. Thanks Ollie

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the under 12 players and their parents, grandparents, & their Brothers & sisters a very happy Easter, These are a very special group of kids who go out week on week and give everything they have to give and it has been great to see them grow into the game week after week, I hope you all have a great break and enjoy yourselves. Thanks Alan.

To the U15 and U18 Girls

Its been an a amazing year so far our teams have grown but then reduced again in numbers only, the one thing that has constantly grown is your passion and skill on the pitch. Our team that is a mix of 3 different clubs has been a unique experience and we are looking to grow our side of the team. Happy Easter to you all, your friends and family. Thanks Philip