Simon Collie

Simon Collie scoring Tallaght’s try


De La Salle Palmerston R.F.C. 25

Tallaght R.F.C. 5

Try: Simon Collie

John Madden Plate Semi-final
Kirwan Park


Tallaght were within their rights to be sick of the sight of Kirwan Park as they lost there to DLSP for the third time this season. The DLSP pack were the usual selves, ancient, cynical and niggly but also annoyingly good and they owned the ball in the first half to race to a 20-0 lead at half-time. In a typical tetchy affair it was surprising there was only three yellow cards, two for the hosts and one for Tallaght’s Tony McManus. At least in the second half Tallaght put up a better show and full back Simon Collie scored a fine try but it was only a minor consoaltion. DLSP were deserved winners but Tallaght were disappointed that they didn’t show anything close to their “A” game in their last competitive game of the season.


Coach Tom Leigh: “In the last three weeks we’ve played three cup matches. Against the best of those teams, Old Wesley, we played very well. Unfortunately against both Coolmine last week and again today, the performances weren’t what we hoped for. But I want to focus on the season on a whole and how far we’ve come. In our first league game of the season against Tullomore we were a total shambles and it took a few months to build some basics and get to the point where we’ve been competitive in nearly every match since then. We’ve had a few wins, a lot of great performances and scored some great tries this season. I’ve committed to coaching here next season and so I consider this season to be only the first stage on a long journey. I’m immensely proud and grateful for the work and committment of all our players this season and I’m excited about next season already because I know the level this team can get to.”


Director of Rugby Luke Tyrrell: “First off, I want to thank Tom for all the hard work he’s done this season and the massive improvement he’s brought to the team. I also want to thank all our players and all the club members and supporters who’ve done so much to help the team over the season. While we’re disappointed with the results over the last two weeks, the season as a whole has been a massive improvement on last year. Our job now is to build on this progress for next season and I’m delighted Tom will be here next season to manage that. We’re going to play in Tallaght Stadium next weekend, along with our neighbours St. Marys and Clondalkin, and it will be a fitting way to finish off what’s been a really positive season.”


Man of the match: Sean Judd (For the emotional half-time speech)


Tallaght RFC

15. Simon Collie
14. Ciaran Rudd
13. Stephen Heaney
12. Dave Clarke
11. Gavin McKeon
10. Morgan Farrell
9. Andew Rudd

8. Adam Nolan (Captain)
7. Aaron Morgan
6. Emil Wyrebiak
5. Joe Ivers
4. Kevin Quinn
3. Sean Judd
2. Stephen Kelly
1. David Kelly




16. Karl Seagrave
17. Tony McManus
18. Ken McGovern
19. Simon Gaskell
20. Alan Bernes
21. Willie Lambe
22. Niall Casey


Willie Lambe gets a pass away

Report: Jim O’Connor

Pictures: David Kelly