Willie Lambe

DLSP R.F.C. 30

Tallaght R.F.C. 5

Try: Aaron Morgan

Metro League Division 7
Kirwan Park

It was a top of the table clash as Tallaght took on DLSP for the third time this season. Tallaght started well with Karl Seagrave forcing a turnover in the tackle and Jack Russell took off on a powerful run. The ball was turned over though and the chance was gone. The first quarter of the game was fairly even but Tallaght’s lineout was struggling and it took away their momentum. Gradually DLSP began to dominate possession as Tallaght struggled to get out of their own half. Tallaght were defending bravely though and withstood a number of heavy phases of DLSP pressure. Eventually the pressure told and DLSP kicked a penalty to take a 3-0 lead at halftime.

Tallaght were optimistic that they could turn things around in the second half but after the restart was fumbled, DLSP eventually got over for a try which they converted for a 10-0 lead. It wasn’t long before they crossed the line again to take a 15-0 lead. This finally sparked Tallaght into life and for the next fifteen minutes they had their best spell of the game. David Clarke made a big carry and then Adam Nolan almost put Simon Collie over for a try but he was brought down a yard from the line. Eventually the pressure told and Adam Nolan put Aaron Morgan away down the line for a try to bring it back to 15-5. It was just a shame Tallaght hadn’t played like this earlier as they were finding gaps in the DLSP defence when they kept the ball in hand.

Unfortunately, DLSP came back strongly to kick a penalty to make it 18-5. Tallaght’s heads dropped in the last ten minutes and they ended up conceding two very soft tries to make the final score 30-5 to DLSP, putting them back in first place in the table on number of wins. DLSP were excellent and were worthy winners but Tallaght will be disappointed not to have shown anything close to their best game.

Tallaght coach Tom Leigh was disappointed with his side’s performance. “Individually and collectively we weren’t good enough today. They were worthy winners and played very well, but it’s annoying that we only really showed our true ability in short spells. But that’s done now and we need to move on and focus on another massive game against UCD next week.”

Man of the match: Karl Seagrave

Tallaght RFC

15. Ciaran Rudd
14. Aaron Shanahan
13. Simon Collie
12. David Clarke
11. Karl Seagrave
10. Morgan Farrell
9. Willie Lambe

8. Adam Nolan
7. Jack Russell
6. Mark Keogh
5. Paul Cunningham (Captain)
4. Joe Ivers
3. Tony McManus
2. Ken McGovern
1. Sean Judd


16. Aaron Morgan
17. Simon Gaskell
18. Gavin McKeon
19. Alan Sower
20. Andrew Caswell


Report: Jim O’Connor
Photos: Anne Kavanagh

DLSP scrum

Ciaran DSLP