Railway Union R.F.C. 58

Tallaght R.F.C. 2nds 0

Metro League Division 11
Tymon Park

The Tallaght men’s second team sent a severely depleted team to Park Avenue and ultimately paid the price. Tallaght only had 14 players at the beginning of the match and though several players stepped up to play, their lack of match fitness ultimately cost them. Railway scored three tries in the first half to lead 15-0. Emil Wyrebiak was tackling bravely and Nigel Foster and Kevin Quinn were putting themselves about. However it wasn’t enough against a strong Railway team and they ran away with it in the second half, scoring another seven tries to run out 58-0 winners.

Skipper Simon Gaskell admitted it was a tough day. “We were struggling for numbers and I want to thank the lads who came up and put their bodies on the line, even though they were short of match practice. We tried to play our game regardless and were nearly over their line twice but we were missing too many key players to compete today”.


Man of the match: Emil Wyrebiak


Tallaght 2nd

15. Tony O’Loughlin
14. Vilius Kuklis
13. Dave Molloy
12. Emil Wyrebiak
11. Mark Conway
10. Daryl Keogh
9. Mick Burke

1. Brian Donnelly
2. Simon Gaskell
3. Nigel Foster
4. Derek Burke
5. Ed O’Brien
6. Arran O’Loughlin
7. Dave Kelly
8. John Burke


16. Sean Judd
17. Denis Buckley
18. Daniel Pomares
19. Willie Lamb
20. Mitchel McGrath


Report: Jim O’Connor